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Welcome to our website, designed to more effectively and efficiently communicate with you, while keeping you better informed about your health. This site presents general health information and is not meant to replace a consultation with your physician.

To communicate with the office you can use our email address below. Please note this email address will be used for administrative management only no medical information will be communicated through this email address.


Welcome To Dr. Bidari Website

Please note our new location address:

1439 YOUVILLE Drive, Unit 17, Orleans, K1C 4M8 

Email address:

Phone/Fax Number: 

613-824-4848 / 613-824-9876

Designed to more effectively and efficiently communicate with you, while

keeping you better informed about your health

Welcome To Dr. Bidari Website

This site presents general health information and is not meant to replace a consultation with your physician.

Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS)

Phone: 1 866 553 7205

  • This service is available to our rostered patients when our clinic is not open.
  • You will be connected to a nurse who will ask a series of questions to assess your health concerns and be provided with health care advice so that you can manage your care at home or be advised to see your doctor or nurse practitioner within a few days.
  •  In some cases, the nurse may advise you to go to the nearest emergency department.
  •  With your consent, the nurse will send information to your health care provider about your call to the T.H.A.S.


Reception: 613-824-4848   / Fax: 613-824-9876

Our receptionists are available to take your call Monday through Friday from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM, and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM.




Test Results cannot be given by our front staff team. Please note that our receptionists are not nurses. They have no medical training and cannot assist you with your health concerns. The physician who ordered your test will review your results as soon as they receive them .If there is anything that need to be followed-up, the clinic will get in contact with you. However if you have concerns, you are welcome to book an appointment with your family doctor. But no results will be given to patients by phone.

Approximate time for test results ordered by your family physician ( if ordered by a specialist, ask them to cc your physician on results for us to get a copy as soon as available):

– General Bloodwork: 3-7 business days

– PAP Test: 10-14  business days

-Public Health Testings (HIV, Syphyllis, etc.): 10 business days

-Diagnostic Imaging (MRI,X-Ray, CT, Bone Density, Mammogram, Ultrasound,etc.): 7-14 business days

-Biopsies: 10 business days- Hospital Testings: 10 business days

If you move, change work or home phone number, or get a new OHIP card, please be sure to notify us so that we have current contact information for you. We can only get in touch with you regarding important health issues such as abnormal test results, overdue immunizations or preventive tests, and new warnings about medications if we have your correct phone numbers and address.

Keep Us Up To Date


Under no circumstances will any details of your health be released without your prior consent, usually written. When calling your home, we will not leave any message other than to call our office unless we have been previously told that we may communicate with you through a family member or friend.

Insured Services (Services Covered by OHIP)

You must present your health card each time you come to the office. Patients who do not present a valid health card will be asked for payment. Patients covered by Quebec health plans must make payment arrangements at the time of service.

Uninsured Services(Services Not Covered by OHIP)

For services not covered by provincial health plans, OMA suggested fees will be charged and posted in the waiting room.


Requests for transfer of charts should be faxed to our office (Fax: 613-824-9876).

Your signed consent in the request is mandatory before we can process it.

A copy of your medical records will be sent directly to your new doctor, at no charge for you.